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EIS, ESL, KEY kit for Mercedes-Benz 204/207/212 Sale
Assist clamp for  car keys, ECU, ESL, EIS circuit board reparation Sale
$35.00 $50.00
ECU shell dismantling assist tools Sale
$15.00 $20.00
Test Platform Cable for Peugeot PSA (Valeo Type) Sale
$259.00 $299.00
Mercedes-Benz 722.9  7G gearbox test line Sale
$20.00 $25.00
Mercedes-Benz 272/273 ME9.7 ECU test line Sale
$40.00 $49.00
TSSOP8 Adapter used for reading and writing data into TSSOP8  EEPROM chip Sale
$7.50 $8.00
USB Cable, Used for connect various programmers, decoders Sale
$9.50 $10.00
Spindle remove tools for Mercedes-benz ESL Sale
$8.00 $8.90
MPC562 stencil for MPC561、MPC562 BGA chip reuse Sale
$9.50 $10.00
GL512N11FFA02 Stencil For the Audi amplifier host GL512N11FFA02 chip re-plant steel mesh, so that the BGA chip re-use Sale
$9.50 $10.00
PLCC44 switch to DIP40 adapter Sale
$1.80 $2.00
PLCC32 switch to DIP32 adapter Sale
$1.30 $1.50
TSOP48 TSSOP48 adapter, Used for connect TSOP48 and TSSOP48 flash chip Sale
$18.00 $20.00
PLCC32 switch to DIP32 Adapter Used for connect 32PIN Flash chip Sale
$18.00 $20.00
PLCC32-DIP32 Adapter, Used for connect 32PIN Flash chip Sale
$13.00 $15.00
MSOP8 Adapter, Used for connect MSOP 8 EEPROM chip Sale
$23.00 $25.00
722.9 sensor remove tools, Used for remove the sensor from the PCB Sale
$48.00 $50.00
Fine-tipped tweezers for picking up IC Sale
$4.50 $5.00
flat head tweezers for picking up IC Sale
$4.50 $5.00