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    This software offers to you 2 option of using:
    1 – Use any OBD2 tool, that can extract 7 bytes of component security from car unit or extract them from ECU eeprom file.Run software, press PROG and select car manifacturer.Enter component security bytes.Module will prerare dealer key ready for programming with diagnostic device and PIN code.
    2 – If you have working key, and you can extract at least 6 bytes component security from engine ECU, you can search for 7-th byte using working key and to prepare new dealer key.Go to TOOLS and select this option.Enter car manifacturer and 6 bytes of CS.Software will search for 7-th byte.When searching completed, remove original key, insert key with blank ID48 or Silca T6 – JMA TP08, press OK and dealer key will be prepared.
    You can select between standard ID48 and TS48 copy transponder.If you select ID48, you will get dealer key ready for programming with diagnostic device and PIN code.If you select TS48, you will get full copy of original key ready to start car.

TMPro2 Software module 146 – VW Audi Seat Skoda ID48 dealer key CAN

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