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  • Description


    • Last update: 2017.09.14
    • Compatible with XPROG-box software V5.8.3 or higher.
    • Reset 9S12XE/XF security byte that enables read/write PFLASH, DFLASH, Emulated EEPROM
    • Requirements
    • Supported devices:
      • MC9S12XEG128
      • MC9S12XET256
      • MC9S12XEQ384
      • MC9S12XE(Q,T)512
      • MC9S12XEP768
      • MC9S12XEP100
      • CAS4 5M48H, 1N35H MCU man. date 1008, 1030, 1048, 1102, 1112, 1115, 1142,..., 1332, 1414
      • XP8000E_XET256 2M53J
      • MC9S12XF128
      • MC9S12XF256
      • MC9S12XF384
      • MC9S12XF512
    • Supported Masks
      • 0M53J, 1M53J, 2M53J, 3M25J, 5M48H, 1N35H, 0M64J, 1M64J, 2M64J
    • Programming interface: in-circuit (BDM).

    Steps how to work with secured MCU

    NOTE: For XTAL connection use twisted pair wire,  don't use coaxial cable.

    • Make MCU<->XPROG connection, start software,...
      • EXTAL and RESET pins must be lifted from PCB
    • Reset MCU security:
      • a) Run->Change Security state->Reset MCU Security) required AUTH-0024-2, AUTH-0024-3
      • b )wait 10..15 seconds if not success, cancel process.
      • c) check connection
      • d) Start from a
    • Remember MCU security byte value
    • Read, Write,... commands can be executed many times, required AUTH-0024-2
    • Set MCU security (Run->Change Security state->Set MCU Security) required AUTH-0024-2, AUTH-0024-3

AUTH-0024-3 9S12XE SECURITY Software for XPROG-BOX

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